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Strum me

Hand to Heart

Take this place in which
we exist, but fear living.
Call it anything but beautiful.

The sun will rise and set.
The trees absorb your carbon
whether or not they want to.
There's oxygen enough to breathe
on cloudy days, it's far enough
from the smoggy streets of LA.

There's a sharp contrast
between the bullet casings
and the spread of our silk sheets.
I can trace the metal line from
your hand to your heart.

Pull the trigger and we'll dance
pull the trigger and we'll dance
pull the trigger
pull the dance...
your heart in my hands
my hands in your heart.



1. Detail a plot/adventure that you'd like to take an active role in.
I'd like to do something to help Wolf- I mean, I try to do that now, but I'm scared of it. So I'd like for there to be a circumstance where I have to be brave and I get to do brave type things. Or maybe something with music.

2. How good a student are/were you? What is/was your favorite and least favorite subject?
I was okay, I guess- I didn't like school though because there were so many people. Music was my favorite, and math and history of the main subjects. I wasn't very good at English because of the whole composition thing.

3. Where do you work? How do you feel about your job? If you don't work, what do you do for money?
I'm getting more used to teaching music at the high school- some of the kids aren't bad, and they're not that scary once you get used to it. As far as my work with the OSI goes, I'm a researcher and I like that most of the time - doing research is something I'm good at.

4. What genre of books do you like to read?
Mysteries - Wolf and I read a lot of mysteries together, which is pretty cool. Sometimes I read fiction of other kinds.

5. What's your favorite snackfood?
Chocolate anything - brownies especially.



This is only a test.


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